Worksorted delivers a scaleable software solution

Whether you're small advice firm or a large dealer-group, Worksorted has got you covered.


Regardless of licensee software mandates or otherwise, advice firms still seek out best-of-breed products to increase revenue, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Worksorted has excelled in this space, delivering industry leading practice management solutions with seamless integrations to your preferred or mandated software solutions for business continuity and licensee approval.

From small single office to large multi-office advice firms, Worksorted has got you covered!

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Zafar Karim
It is a very user-friendly system where most of the tasks can be automated. We run a very process-driven business and worksorted does all we require! Highly recommended system!

Zafar Karim

CCA Financial Planners
Liam Diggin
Worksorted has paid for itself already we were able to identify an underpayment of $5k. MLC has paid us the cash and not charged the client. A great result. Thanks Worksorted!

Liam Diggin

Mentor1 Financial Planning


In addition to those requirements of a licensed practice, a self-licensed firm has the added complexities of handling a larger range of revenue lines and additional compliance requirements.

That's where Worksorted's sophisticated revenue management solution and compliance frameworks setup up to take the load.

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Paul Moran
For a long time we ‘adopted’ a number of systems to try to get the right mix of CRM, compliance, revenue management and communication. Worksorted provides all we need for these issues in a single platform. We certainly feel more comfortable that our compliance and client review scheduling is current and correct and the revenue management capability has allowed us to significantly reduce our tech spend.

Paul Moran

Moran Partners Financial Planning
David Kissane
Worksorted is refreshingly simple to use and provides everything we need to cover all the bases for our CRM and revenue tracking needs. Furthermore, the entire team actually enjoys using Worksorted and their training and support are fantastic.

David Kissane

Wealthpool Advisers


The software requirements of multi-business dealer-groups can be quite complex and broad. Over the past decade, Worksorted has worked hard to satisfy a large range of requirements through a simple and intuitive solution.

Whether it's simply a revenue management requirement or a full-scale revenue, CRM and compliance framework it's looking to deploy (or anything in between), Worksorted has a fit-for-purpose solution.

Deployment’s can be subtle and gradual or executed hard and fast.

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David Harris
Since implementing Worksorted, we have had a balanced pay run and great support from the team. We have a copy of the program in every advisers practice and it gives them all of the CRM functionality they need as well as giving us a great tool to monitor their regulatory compliance.

David Harris

Advice Evolution


Regardless of your size and licensing structure, the process of loading revenue and managing payments or reporting can sometimes be too much or a job you just simply don't want to do.

Nonetheless it's an important part of your business, so why not outsource it to us!

For a fixed monthly fee we can look after the process from end to end.

Services include:

  • Sourcing and loading revenue data
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Adviser payment processing
  • RCTI & Remittance production & issuing
  • Management reporting
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